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BRIMTM wireless lighting control and occupancy sensing and analysis system now shipping.

Ecospectral's BRIM system has been installed at the Menzies Library and the Australian National Library (ANU) and at two more offices. We have started integration with their facilities system now for energy and occupancy tracking.

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BRIM product overview

BRIM system is a balanced and powerful standards based solution to lighting, power and HVAC control through advanced predictive analytics and occupancy analysis.

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Significant Energy Saving

Upon installation the BRIMsystem starts working to save money, regardless of what kind of lights and HVAC you use, by automatically controlling them in response to movement and energy settings.

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Wireless Sensors Mesh and Analytics-based Systems

Smart wireless lighting, sensing and control: saves energy provides rich occupancy data

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Intelligent Load Shedding

Ecospectral now testing new smart load shedding capability for smart grid applications

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Latest News

BRIMsystem gains DALI capability

Canberra 25 August 2016

Ecospectral’s BRIMsystem now supports DALI control making it even e

Why Choose Us?

70% – 90% LED savings over incandescent an additional 20% over Solid State lighting

Our system is ZigBee compliant. The lights are only the beginning of your savings as we can extend to monitor and control other devices.
Our systems enables further savings and services to save money in other ways (traffic analysis for facility management, advertising, etc)

Increase your knowledge on usage and traffic patterns in your building.
The data collected is fine grained traffic and occupancy information with potentially valuabal and powerful uses. Service are easy to add with our internet and cloud based systems approach.