Who can benefit from BRIM?

The applications for BRIM® are extensive. Here are just some sites where the ROI and multi purpose analytics make sense.

Commercial & Industrial


• Commercial offices, Warehouses, Car parks

• Hospitals, Aged care

• Universities, Schools

smart cities

Smart Cities

• New or existing residential development

• Mixed use precincts

• Public spaces, streets



• Apartment complexes

• Neighbourhood collaboration

The core benefits of BRIM®:

Energy Reliability

Rapid ROI

Better space usage

BRIM® balances human needs and energy constraints.

By analysing and understanding how people move in a space we optimise both energy and comfort. Real-time intelligent building response to stimulus and power.

How BRIM® Works

Brim® works in three stages to bring you unparalleled energy savings, security and insight into how your space is being used.

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-The Ecospectral Team


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